Neigbourhood Watch

Following contact between Enfield Police and directors of the Resident's Association, Enfield Island Village has now been designated a Neighbourhood Watch area.

This not only means more pictures of those cute Meercats around the Island, it also means reduced insurance premiums for Islanders, regular support from the police Neighbourhood Watch team and discounts for security equipment negotiated through the Neighbourhood Watch. This brings the Residents' Association into partnership with the police, aimed at securing a safer community for residents

Enfield Police Statement - 25 July 2005

Further to the terrible incidents that have been taking place in London, we want to assure you that police will continue to investigate terrorists. To help us to achieve this, can we ask you to inform your community to work alongside us?

Police need you to help us with information and vigilance. If you have information then please contact the Terrorist hotline 0800 789 321. You will see more police officers as you go about your day-to-day duties. We are here to reassure. Throughout the Metropolitan Police Service, we want to be "Working together for a safer London" . Our relationship with your community is an important part of that.

General Information

Safer Neighbourhood Team

Please note new email address for the SNT team is


The latest issue of NNWA’s electronic newsletter, NewsWatch is now available to download from the NNWA website

Here is a summary of the main features in this month’s NewsWatch.

Year of radical reform ahead for the NNWA

The Board of Trustees of the National Neighbourhood Watch Association has approved a far-reaching, independent Review and Development Programme for 2006. The views of the neighbourhood watch movement – taking account of all shades of opinion - will be actively sought, and welcomed, from the outset of the review.

CSOs to be given common powers to deal with neighbourhood crime

On-the-spot fines for dropping litter and spraying graffiti and the authority to confiscate drugs and alcohol are among a new set of standard powers proposed for Community Support Officers (CSOs). There are currently some 6,000 CSOs in England and Wales and up until now the powers available to them vary from force to force. This has led to confusion among the public about precisely what CSOs can and cannot do. When it's too good to be true it's usually a scam It seems too good to true – you’ve won a fabulous prize and you didn’t even realise you had entered the competition.
Well, of course, all too often it is too good to be true. It’s called a scam and February will see a publicity blitz led by the Office of Fair Trading, to warn the public to be on their guard.

If you require the newsletter in a different format, please contact the NNWA office.

National Neighbourhood Watch Association (NNWA)
Hatfield Annexe, C/o Hatfield Police Station,
16 St Albans Road East, Hatfield, Herts AL10 0EL

Tel 01707 638814


1. Open Public Meetings.

  • TBN

2. Enfield Highway, Enfield Lock & Turkey Street - in Ordnance Road Library.

  • 15-03-06

Useful Information - Contact Numbers

  • Local Police: (020) 8366 1212
  • Chase Farm Hospital: (020) 8366 6565
  • North Middlesex Hospital: (020)8887 2000
  • Citizens Advice Bureau: (020) 8363 0928
  • Enfield Victim Support: (020) 8350 0354
    24hr Helpline 0845 303 0900