Waste Disposal Services

Please help to keep Enfield Island Village free of litter. The Council provides many free waste disposal services, including the scrapping of unwanted private cars, all you have to do is notify them. If you fail to do so and dump items illegally instead then you are guilty of fly tipping and, if caught, will be prosecuted.

If residents act irresponsibly and fail to dispose of items legally, be it rubbish, cars or bulky household items, then the costs of disposal will fall to the Enfield Island Village Residents Association (EIVRAL). You are all members of EIVRAL; you pay an annual 'subscription' through your rent charge!

So, the more occasions EIVRAL has to clear up after residents the more costly your rent charge! Accordingly, if you wish to keep your rent charge to a minimum then help to maintain a clean environment by taking note of the general advice below and availing yourselves of the services highlighted in the table.

General Advice

1. All rubbish should be put in refuse sacks. Note: Householders must not put rubbish in the bin sheds belonging to the flats.

2. Refuse sacks should ideally only be put out on the day of collections (Tuesdays).

3. The Council should be informed if their operatives have left the site untidy after their collection.

Weekly domestic refuse collections, including Island bin stores (every Tuesday) As required Enfield Council 020 8379 1000 Free collection service. Use black refuse sacks. Any rubbish not collected, or if the council refuse personnel leave a mess then inform the council. Note: report any such instances ON THE DAY of collection. Council are then obligated to return to do a tidy up!
Bulky Household Items Fridges, Freezers Furniture, Beds Cookers, TVs etc, etc Maximum of 3 items at any one time Enfield Council 020 8379 1000 Free service - but MUST call to book a collection. Note Once Council has been informed you must leave a note on item(s) stating when they are to be collected. See further information on fly-tipping below.
Untaxed Cars - DVLA 08000 325 202 Freephone Service. It is illegal to keep an untaxed car on the public roads/highways
Disposal of Private Cars - Enfield Council 020 8379 2147 Free collection service. See Special Services below
*If you leave unmarked household items on site, without notifying the Council you are guilty of fly tipping This is a criminal offence.
NO FLY-TIPPING, in or outside of the bins stores, or on the Island is allowed.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE and residents caught fly-tipping will be prosecuted.

Residents must make their own arrangements for the removal of large/bulky items.

Note: Enfield Council collects up to 3 items of bulky furniture (beds, wardrobes, tables,chairs and sofas etc) FREE of charge. Fridges, fridge-freezers can also be collected FREE of charge. Other bulky items; TVs, computers, hi-fis, dishwasher and washing machines etc a small charge will be made of £11 for 3 items.
Call the council on 020 8379 1000 and ask for the Waste Disposal Department.

If you see anyone fly tipping then please call the ENVIRO Crime Unit on 0208 379 1000. Offenders will be pursued and prosecuted
ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Contact CPM Asset Management on 01992 444449
SPECIAL SERVICE- DISPOSAL OF PRIVATE CARS The Council in conjunction with the London-wide "Operation Scrap-it" is offering a FREE take back service for collecting old vehicles belonging to Enfield residents this is a door to door service the Council will deal with the DVLA on your behalf and within 48hrs, on receipt of a request (Monday to Friday). Please contact the Environmental Crime Unit -Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm on 020 8379 2147 to request this service. You will be sent a disclaimer form and a return envelope. All you need to do is complete the form and return it with the vehicle log book, and keys, to the London Borough of Enfield.

Case Example - 10th December 2004

This is the sort of thing we have to contend with and must stamp out. This lot was left on Harlston Drive. You may like to note that we will be trying to ascertain who was responsible so that we can bill him/her for its removal.

If we are unsuccessful then we residents, that means YOU, will have the cost added to your next Maintenance Charge bill!

Flytipping Example