Enfield Island Canal Basin

Work by Fairview New Homes
Update 14th April 2005

In 2004, residents were unhappy with Fairview. This was expressed most clearly at the annual meeting of the residents’ association. However, since January 2005 there has been good progress in agreeing on a process for the preparation and handover of land from Fairview, as the developer prepares to finish work on the Island.

David Jones of Fairview and the Residents’ Association agreed that it would be helpful for residents to put together a brief note summarising the work Fairview has agreed to carry out and the process for the remaining land to be handed over.

Adoptable Roads (Subject to a Section 38 agreement)

A written application, dated 10th March ‘05 has been made by Fairview to the London Borough of Enfield for the council to adopt the main roads on the Island. Confirmation is expected in May 2005. Fairview will continue to monitor service board works and street lighting during the intervening period.

Private Pump Stations

Fairview met with L&Q Housing Trust regarding the two remaining pumps which remain under the control of Fairview (The previous four pump stations are already maintained by either the Residents’ Association or the Housing Trust) to discuss the reoccurring problems. FNH undertook to examine possible reasons for the problems.

1. A design check on the catchment area of the two pumps - Completed and the design was found to be satisfactory.

2. A detailed inspection of the pump operation – Inspection completed 30th March results of which did not reveal any construction or installation problems.

Previous reports on the pumps by both the consultant and the manufacturer of the pumps found material within the pump chamber which was damaging the pumps and the drainage system. A more robust pump system was installed at the end of January '05, which at the time of writing has not malfunctioned.

Adoptable Drainage (Subject to a Section 104 agreement)

Adopted by Thames Water, effective 9th March.

Areas of Residents Association responsibility

The majority of the site has mow been surveyed by Fairview along with CPM, (the managing agents for the Residents’ Association), a director of the Residents Association, and for part of the time with two planning officers from the London Borough of Enfield.

Of the nine major construction phases which make up the Island development, three phases have already completed by Fairview with the works on a further phase are currently underway.

Residents’ Association directors and CPM will re-inspect the completed phases and advise Fairview if they are satisfactory, after which maintenance will be formally become the responsibility of the Residents’ Association.

Fairview has undertaken to complete all the outstanding works by mid July ‘05

Public Open Space

There is a section of the public open space where the landscaping has failed. Fairview has undertaken to completely restore this area in accordance with the approved landscaping scheme and works are due to commence in Aril (Subject only to the appointment of the contractor) the works will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will include the replacement of the top soil and the turf which should be completed within 14 weeks. The extensive tree planting will following on during the autumn of 2005 (The next available planting season)

The works will be supervised by Fairview’s landscape consultant and Enviros, (the environment consultant) and maintenance protocols have been established.

Old Site Compound

Despite the need for a compound during the re-landscaping the existing compound will be relocated and this area will be the first to benefit from the re-landscaping.

Ecology Area

The major tree planting scheme has now been implemented with the wild flower plugs and following on again during the autumn. Similar maintenance protocols have been established and will be exercised during the spring and summer months.