Enfield Island Canal Basin

Public Open Space (POS)
Update – 22 March 2005

A meeting took place on 22 March between Fairview’s consultant Mr David Jones and their landscaping architect, Mr Mark Cooper, and representatives of the Residents' Association(RA), Mr Nigel Marton-Falvy and Mr Iain Campbell, to discuss plans for the POS.

This loose minute summarises the main points and other ancillary matters:


Starting in April 2005, Fairview are to completely redo that part of the POS - the south of Manton Road, down to the area where the buses terminate on the Island.

The design will not differ greatly from that already in place. However consideration is to being given to establishing an extra path through the POS, in line with the well worn path being tread at present, and clearly visible.

Fairview are to advise what plans if any are envisaged for the remaining area of the POS - to south of the bus stop.

The current Fairview site office will be relocated to the POS to oversee the work.

Discussions with Fairview, and in particular their landscape architect, have reassured the RA that residents concerns over poor drainage of the POS are being taken into account. It is recognised that the problem will not be completely eradicated due to the presence of the clay cap. However, the plans that Fairview have drawn up aim to target those areas still susceptible to some local flooding and to landscape them in such a way to help contain the problem to an acceptable/manageable extent. Other measures, such as planting water-loving trees (willow), will also be taken.

ENVIROS will be onsite throughout the work services to ensure any contamination aspects are adequately addressed.

The whole area is to have new good quality topsoil and turf will be laid in preference to grass seed. All paths are to be replaced.

Come November 2005 all trees and shrubs will be replaced.

The RA will assume responsibility for maintaining the area once planting has been completed. Crucially, final transfer of the freehold of the land to the RA will take place a year later, circa November 2006. During this time Fairview will also reimburse the RA the cost of maintaining the land.

Ancillary Matters

a. Trees and Grids

Fairview have been asked to replace all tree grids on the Island, some 80+ in total, and to apply a final top coat of black paint to them. Essentially, this is to bring them up to the same standard as the grids bordering the canal arm, which are to be adopted by the Council. They have also been asked to replace any missing trees.

Fairview have subsequently agreed to replace and paint all the missing tree grids in the RA areas and to replace any missing trees.

In respect of the flat management areas, where the majority of the tree grids are missing, Fairview propose, as a short term Health and Safety measure, to pave/block over any areas which have both a grid and tree missing. Then, once replacement grids can be sourced, and subject to confirmation that the RA and flat management company residents require it, Fairview will reinstate both tree and grid, suitably painted.

This latter caveat is to give residents time to reflect on whether or not they consider blocking over the areas permanently is acceptable/aesthetically pleasing. As it stands at the moment any missing trees and grids will have to be replaced to meet planning requirements. However, should the flat management residents consider replacing them would be nugatory effort - because they will be subject to more vandalism – then it might be in their long term interests – maintenance/cost wise - to keep the areas paved over. In such circumstances Fairview would have to seek the appropriate planning permission.

b. Government Row Fencing.

The RA is to confirm that the fencing proposed in the Safety Audit for the houses in Government Row is not wanted by the (Government Row) residents. This being the case the said residents would then be liable for accepting the associated risks.

c. Punchard Crescent Fencing.

The RA's request to have the existing chain link fencing replaced with a black galvanised one has been refused. Fairview have been asked to reconsider. The extra cost of this fencing could be offset if the fencing along Government Row is not required.

Also, the recommendation in the Safety Audit concerning the remaining fencing to the south of Punchard Crescent, where it backs onto the gardens of the private houses, will not be implemented by Fairview; an action endorses by the RA. This is because residents have ‘customised’ the fencing to their own requirements, which has affected the integrity of the fence line to the extent that any remedial works would be counter productive. The only exception to this is the fencing in the SW corner of the Island, which continues to be vandalised. This is to be repaired by Fairview and/or the RA is to consider if an access gate should be installed to prevent the fence being vandalised again in the future.

d. Adoptable Roads

Remedials substantially complete. Fairview made a request to the council on 10th March 2005 to formally adopt. A further letter was sent on the 12th March. (To date no reply received; however, it is understand David Taylor, the LBE engineer, is away on leave)

e. Adoptable Drainage.

All adopted by Thames Water, effective 9th March 2005.

f. Hand Over of RA Area’s of Responsibilities.

(1) Phases Q, R2, 2

The remedials/snagging list drawn up during the walk around with Bill Pryke, are underway and should be complete by the end of March. Once complete the RA will be given the opportunity to re-examine and confirm it is satisfied with the standard of work.

(2) Phase P

The remedials agreed for this area should be completed by the middle of April. Again, once completed the RA will be given the opportunity to re-examine and confirm it is satisfied with the standard of work.

(3) Remaining Phases

The next scheduled remedials walk around is scheduled to take place on 1 April, subject to the availability of Council staff who will attend this and subsequent walk arounds. Meanwhile, a series of future dates will be discussed to ensure Fairview and the RA maintain the momentum.

(4) Ecology Area

The majority of the works have been completed with the remaining planting scheduled to take place during the autumn of 2005

(5) Private drainage (The two pump stations)

The desk top survey has been completed the results of which confirmed there to be no errors within the design. On the 30th March the pumps will be drained down to allow the construction of the “wet wells” to be examined. Since Pims changed the type of pump at the end of January there have been no further break downs.