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Welcome to the Tunfield Cleaning web page. We provide the majority of cleaning services on the Island. Our remit is to conduct a weekly clean of all communal areas of the 9 block management companies on the Island. We are a member of Safe Contractor which carries out regular audits of all of its members health and safety procedures and gives advice on all aspects of Health and Safety and training.

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National Federation of Window Cleaners

Tunfield is also a member of NFWC which is a company which gives advice and training to window cleaning companies.


Window Cleaning

Tucker Pole Pure Water System

Man demonstationg the Tucker Pole Cleaning System

Due to worries concerning window cleaners working at height from ladders Tunfield Cleaning has invested in the safest alternative, which is The Tucker Pole System. At our works we have a static water making facility which converts water from the mains supply which has 400 parts per million of impurities after going through the treatment plant the water is 98% pure water this is then pumped into a holding tank in the back of the van, it is then passed through a deioniser cylinder which polishes the water up to 99.9%  which is then pumped up the Tucker Pole on to a brush which is used to clean the windows as there are no impurities left in the water when the window dries there are no marks left on the glass. All this is carried out with the window cleaner working from the ground with no risk of injury associated with working at height from ladders.


Under the current cleaning contract the 9 block management companies on the Island, excluding the R2 Management Company, comprising Hispano, Colt, Dundas, Watkins, Colt and Polstens Mews, have their windows cleaned once per month. The directors of the R2 Management Company have elected to have windows cleaned once every two months.

Water inoniser and machinary back at base On the road.  Custom built van with ionised water container and equipment

Carpet Cleaning

The Prochem New Blazer Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning System.

Self-contained van with carpet cleaning equipment and machinery

All carpet cleaning is carried out by our Prochem Trained Cleaning staff using the latest carpet cleaning Truck Mount. This is totally self contained unit which uses softened water which is heated up to 82 degrees centigrade and pumped up to the operators carpet wand at pressures from 350=1000 psi depending on how badly soiled the carpet is. The Truck Mount can be up to 250 ft away from the carpet being cleaned. No electric machine can match the performance of this machine. Under the current contract, the 9 block management companies on the Island have their carpets deep cleaned once a year