Enfield Island Canal Basin

Proposal for Multi-Sport Court

Multip-Sports Pitch

The Enfield Island Youth and Community Trust (EIYCT) have made a proposal to the Residents Association for provision of a multi-sport court on the island. Enthusiastic recruits to the Enfield Island (EI) Village Youth Club football team currently pile into a bus to go to practice twice a week and are enthusiastic to have a more convenient place to train.

Local residents may also wish an outdoor sport facility was available, as there is nowhere for them to play ball games on the Island.

The comments form attached to this article is an opportunity for you to have your say and give us your views.

The EIYCT has appointed a specialist consultancy with experience implementing this type of facility in other London Boroughs, so as to ensure we benefit from the experience of similar schemes. An example is the multi-sport court installed at Cowper Gardens in Enfield.

The consultants, based on their wide experience, are suggesting the following would be a great facility:


17mx30m - this will accommodate tennis, basketball (permanent goals) as well as five a side football or skate hockey.


One possibility being voiced is at the south end of island, on the current toddlers' playground. This we consider would be far enough from adjacent homes to minimise the potential nuisance but still allow some surveillance also. The nearby houses to this area are further away than at the multi-sport court in Cowper Gardens and this facility has not created issues with noise for the residents. This location is also near the Youth Centre and its toilets, and some car parking is available. Another area under consideration is the public open space. However the siting issues will be subject to further consultation with residents.


This is to be raised by the EIYCT.


This would be the responsibility of EIYCT and would include regular litter picking, safety inspections and any necessary repairs.


The initial investment will allow for building a durable court with life expectancy of fifteen years. The floor will be of painted macadam and the fencing will be rigid panels of black wire mesh on posts of 3.5m height.


This will allow use to extend into winter evenings. Any lights will be automatically controlled and switched off, at say, 9 or 10 pm.


Gates to the multi sports court will not be locked and the court will be available on a first come, first served basis to all residents on the Island. Clearly the Youth Club will have priority use of the court at certain times. These times will be stated on a notice on the fencing. This way of managing access and use has proved successful at other similar facilities such as Craig Park in Edmonton.

We are keen to get the views of residents so please use this form to make comments on any of the above points. Completed forms can be dropped off at the EIYCT office (33 Island Centre Way) at anytime. Alternatively, post your comments on the Bulletin Board

This article is the first phase of consultation with residents. The directors of the Residents' Association will progress matters at their meetings from March 2005 onwards.